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The culprit is found...


I got the SoloRu engine completely torn down and found the bad bearing. I added the pictures to the engine rebuild (take 2) album. It wasn't a spun bearing after all. In fact, all the bearings looked fine, except for the rod bearing for cylinder #1. The bearing was still in the right place and didn't spin within it's journal in ways it's not intended. It appears instead to have disintegrated, or at least it was trying to. The bearing surface was flaking off and it's those flakes that I found in the oil pan.

SoloRu is Down for a bit...


I've got the initial pictures of the damage and the engine looks like it's going to need a rebuild before it runs again. Hopefully, I can do this without spending too much money since I can remember all the pitfalls I made the first that made it so much more expensive than it had to be.

Anyway, here's the carnage. Not much to see except a bunch of glittery metal pieces in the oil pan.


The SoloRu is badly injured...


I spun a rod bearing, which means my 9,000 mile old engine will need another rebuild. Hopefully, this won't hurt _too_ much. But it's gonna hurt a lot, I know.

A Dixie Story


This year, my aim is to become a national competitor - at least someone who's noticed by those who are truly competitive in my class nationally. I want to be at least near the top third of my class at the National Championship, which is a tall order for a first time competitor at Nationals in a car that definitely isn't the popular car in FSP. In pursuit of that goal, I planned to make several National Tour and ProSolo events this year to ensure I got to meet up with some of the names I've heard, but never met before.


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