You know you live in NH when your commute includes a dirt road...

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Yup, that's right, a dirt road. My commute is 3.9 miles (8 minutes), so I can't complain, but it is definitely different. We're finally starting to feel settled here and when I say "let's go home" our house is now popping into my mind. My co-workers have been teasing me that we need to buy a few things now that we live in NH:

    A gun
    A generator
    A truck
    Either a kayak or a mountain bike, take your pick

While gun isn't exactly on my list, the kayak and generator probably are. :-) Though walking around our property we scared two deer yesterday and realizing something that big could be 20 feet away before I realized it did make me think the gun might have been a good idea if we ever ran into a bear or mountain lion or other large predator.