Another reason I love my Camry Hybrid: NH -> NY -> NH = 1 tank of gas

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I love my Camry Hybrid for many reasons, not least of which is the gas mileage. Generally I get to go 2-3 weeks between fill ups, up to 3-4 when my commute used to be under 10 minutes. It's great.

This week was high mileage though and the Camry drove around Merrimack running errands, to the Greenlawn, NY facility, around Long Island all week, and then back home to NH. It didn't even dawn on me that I could do that until I noticed the fuel gauge getting low and decided to see if I could make it home. I wish I had measured mileage, but it was 15.272 gallons and the car estimated 35.2 mpg. That's approximately 537 miles if you trust the car. It's rated to 600 miles on one tank in the marketing literature and it's a 17 gallon tank, so that checks.

One other interesting item to note was that the car said I had a 0 mile driving range for the last 30-40 miles and was on Empty. I think there are ~2 gallons of gas past when the gauge says empty. From an engineering perspective this bugs me; it's an inaccurate gauge. From a marketing standpoint I'm guessing they did the right thing for owner loyalty & sales reasons. It's kind of odd though that we as a society expect cars to drive so far after the tank is empty.