It's been awhile since a blog post...

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I'm gonna make this quick because it's about 3:15am and I'm finishing up what I wanted to do tonight before bed.

Old news: Jen and I went to Denver a bit ago and visited with Erin and met her new-to-us boyfriend. We spent some time in Rocky Mountain National Park and then headed to Red Rocks Amphitheatre for a Steven Page/Guster/Big Head Todd concert. Jen and I were exhausted by the time Big Head Todd came on, so we couldn't stay the whole night, but it was a blast.

Big news: Jen's new position in BAE is awesome and she's working on an unclassified project, so she can actually tell you about it! I won't ruin the surprise since she's so excited to be able to talk about work, and she can even do things like IM, search Google, and use a cell phone while trying to do work. Personally, I'm still not convinced it's possible to do work without those anymore. Bad news part is that the position is in the middle of Long Island, so she's travelling a lot. But it's all that travel that enables me to be blogging at 3:15am with a minimal amount of guilt. I only feel bad for myself when I wake up and still have to go to work. I'm not sure that's a feature or a drawback yet.

More big news: Rumor has it I'm getting old. Jen got me a new camera lens as an early birthday gift and it's kinda awesome. It's a 30mm fixed F/1.4 lens from Sigma and I got to play around with it yesterday at John and Andrea's wedding (Congratulations guys!) and today around our gardens a bit.

As per usual, all my favorite pictures from these few links are put up on my Flickr accocunt if you want just the highlights.