Lots of Updates and Photos

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This is going to be a big picture/link dump since I just finished processing and uploading a lot of pictures...

Visiting Nana for lunch with Greg, Cathyn, Caroline, Paul, and Anita - We had a blast watching Aeryn and Caroline together again (despite the developing toy jealousy). It was so cool and seeing Caroline’s infinite facial expressions and walking demonstration.

Highlights: 0341 0384 0387 0431 0482 0508 0605

We had an awesome lunch with Gramma K. - Aeryn got a new Elmo toy (with very chewy eyes) and some rocking chair time at Cracker Barrel!

Highlights: 0683 0713 0728 0742 0738

Aeryn and the Sweet Potatoes - Aeryn’s been experimenting with whatever food we put in front of her. Gumming sweet potato fries is a new adventure. Don’t miss the YouTube video link in the description at the top!

Aeryn’s First National Park - We visited Acadia over Labor Day weekend!

Highlights: 0837 0857 0868 0993 0998 10101029 1035 1071 1112 1130 1178

And while we were there, Aeryn took her first photograph!

Today, we went apple picking at Parlee Farms - A visit there wouldn’t be complete without visiting and petting the goats!

And that's it for now!