My friends and family are amazing - they raised $675 for Big Brothers Big Sisters!


I am unbelievably lucky to have incredible friends and family. All together they raised $675 for Big Brothers Big Sisters. How impressive is that?! I can't believe how generous and kind my friends and family are; they consistently astonish me. I'm so fortunate to have them!

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Why so few? New Report on Women in STEM Fields


The new report from AAUW on why are there so few women scientists and engineers is terrific. I highly suggest it for anyone in engineering. I had the chance to see one of the authors speak at a conference, and I was struck by some of their findings. You can download a full copy of the book on their website or request a paper copy while they last.

Some of the key points I found interesting:

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What's up!


I haven't blogged in awhile, but a lot has happened and I figured I was overdue.

The autocross season has started, and the SoloRu is almost ready to make it to an event. I've made good progress on the new transmission and it should be done next time get to Dave's for a few hours to finish it up. Hopefully, I'll have that done for the next event in June. The car's going to be phenomenal to drive once I get there.

DC Trip


I had a conference in DC, so I took a little time before and after to visit with friends & family and see the sites.

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