Back from the Cruise


Neil and I went on a terrific cruise with Steph & Greg and Jaimie & Eddie. The cruise sailed out of Miami and went to Key West and Cozumel. We've been to both before, but we really enjoyed hanging out with our friends and being out of cell phone range.

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Systems Engineering is Awesome


Yup, that's right, Systems Engineering is the Best Job in America. That'd be my job that is AWESOME! :-)

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Cool Tech Stuff


A few cool articles in the tech/geek world caught my attention so I thought I'd share:

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Holiday Card Collage (or at least my attempt at it :-)

My friend Jacinthe does amazing collages of random stuff. I am not nearly as creative, but I finally got motivated to do a collage of all the holiday cards we received this year. It still came out fairly rectangular (I am an engineer after all), but I'm pleased with the results. Can you find yours? Better yet, can you find Jacinthe's card? It had the best collage to date!
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