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A few cool articles in the tech/geek world caught my attention so I thought I'd share:

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Holiday Card Collage (or at least my attempt at it :-)

My friend Jacinthe does amazing collages of random stuff. I am not nearly as creative, but I finally got motivated to do a collage of all the holiday cards we received this year. It still came out fairly rectangular (I am an engineer after all), but I'm pleased with the results. Can you find yours? Better yet, can you find Jacinthe's card? It had the best collage to date!
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To all of you who keep telling NH plowing is equal to MA: YOU ARE WRONG!


We were just on our way home from a friend's house in NH (thanks for the fun game night Meg & Steve!), driving home along Route 3. We were thinking the roads were pretty bad, and all of a suddenly they got clear - they became just wet. I wasn't driving, but I was focusing pretty intently on the road. I looked up to see what was going on and realized that we had just crossed the state border. It literally was a line where the MA plows started. This has happened to me in reverse (going into bad plowing) many times on the way to work and everyone tells me I'm nuts. I'm not.

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I love my job; I love my life!


Recipe for a great day for Jen:


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