Cookie Swap


John and Kendra had a housewarming/cookieswap/welcome Kendra to NH party at their new condo. It was really nice to see everyone. :-)

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The engine stands!


I finally got the right bolts and got my new engine on a stand so I can start disassembling it and get going on this project. I should be able to get the intake manifold off soon and get that off to Small Fortune for some flow work at Extrude Hone.

Grandma Scully Passes


Neil's Grandmother, Peg, passed away this past weekend. The wake was held November 5, 2007. The funeral and reception were held November 6, 2007.

Joe & Kristy's Wedding


Our good friends Joe & Kristy got married on November 3rd, 2007. We took a number of pictures, though they are still being organized. If you have any pictures you want to post, let us know. We had a great time at the wedding and we're very lucky to have two these great people in our lives!

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