Indoor Skydiving pictures are finally up!


Pictures from indoor sky diving have finally been posted here. I took about 50 pictures, but most of them were too blurry, so this is a selection of the better ones.

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Erin's Birthday & The Annual Holiday Party


Pictures from ice skating, cheesecake factory & hockey for Erin's birthday have been posted here. It was tons of fun!

We also had a good time at Nate & Danica's Annual Holiday Party, pictures are located here courtesy of Avetis.

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More Dog Pics and Car Pics


I added some some photos and videos of Sol and Penny for everyone's enjoyment (they're located here.). The ones of Penny are pretty darn funny. I also added some photos of Yoda II's engine and batteries here.

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More pictures scattered about...


I got some more pictures online from my last roll of film. This dates back to the trip Jen and I took to Rockport last August...

My apologies for the graininess of the darker pictures. Since most of my pictures come during the day, the 400 speed film I leave in my camera really doesn't work here. But I swear I'll go digital soon so I can get night and day shots to look nice...


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