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Most of my experience in the last 10-15 years has been operational in nature. That includes infrastructure, networking, security, automation, monitoring, logging, etc. I am looking for a role that lets me leverage my heavy operations experience in a more development-focused role. I can contribute to architecture designs for improving reliability and operational overhead, especially with cloud architecture technologies. I thrive in environments where there is a need to simplify complicated systems and design them to be operated by people. I'm looking for a role that gets me digging deeper into more software engineering skills again. I'm also looking for more opportunities to design cloud architectures where I can apply my operational expertise to a more software-focused role.

First and foremost, I'm looking for a role that I can work in NH or remotely from NH. Failing that, I'm willing to commute sometimes down toward Boston for the right position maybe once or twice a week at most.

I want to work for a company that gives engineers the flexibility to build and play with amazing technology to build great prototypes, but then celebrates burning down those prototypes to begin using what has been learned to build a reliable and operable architecture going forward. I don't believe anyone can build a complicated system with new cutting edge technology on the first try that is also ready for public consumption. If you haven't learned enough in building and experimenting with the prototype that you wouldn't change at least one fundamental architectural decision, then it's either not that complicated a system or you haven't learned enough about it.

Read Who is Neil? for more general information about me.

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