Building a USB stick to boot machines to Debian Linux Live desktops


The Problem
I had a goal. It sounded simple. I wanted to make a classroom full of machines boot up to Live Debian Linux desktops, so they could maintain their Windows installations unchanged. I am aiming to utilize these machines in an upcoming DynEdu class I'm working on at Dyn. This is a classroom full of relatively simple machines that will use WiFi to connect to the network. What I learned can hopefully help just about anyone who wants to make custom Debian bootable USB sticks.

Birds, Ice Castles & Robots


We had a busy February with lots going on. We went to the Peabody Essex Museum for an interesting exhibit where finches flew around and landed on guitars to make music called "From Here to Ear". No pictures were allowed in the exhibt, but the rest of the museum provided some good photo opportunities for Neil. We also went to see the Ice Castles at Loon Mountain with Neil's mom, Kathy, and Neil got some amazing photos . And last, but certainly not least, we volunteered at the FIRST Robotics Competition at Nashua High School South, where Neil was the official photographer.

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Dog Sledding


This year for my birthday we went dog sledding with Barking Brook kennels. It was very cool. When we drove up we got to meet all the very excited dogs. The a team of ten dogs pulled us along a rail trail in Warren, NH. The trail itself was kind of cool and begins at the Redstone Rocket in Warren, NH. The rocket is there in tribute to US Senator Norris Cotton, who was from Warren (more info at Wikipedia). Anyway, we went 6 miles in and then turned around after a hot cocoa break (track is mapped via Google My Tracks). It was really interesting and beautiful in the snow. I was surprised by how quiet it was too. I guess I expected not to be able to hear anything over the dogs and sled. When we returned, the dogs were calm and quiet. Neil's photos, beautiful as usual, are posted in our Gallery. Neil and I on the sled is also posted in our Gallery.

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Holiday Card 2013


Holiday card from 2013 is posted on our gallery.

We've been doing photo cards since 2009. Here's the list:

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