Aeryn's Here!


Hey everyone,
Aeryn Inara Schelly joined us on 3/2/2015 and we're glad to finally meet her. She came out at 8lbs, 7ozs and 20" long. We've got pictures up from the first 6 days! Here's some album links, followed by some highlights.

The New Kid Has a Name!


We brainstormed, and put up sticky notes with name ideas on the wall. Friends came over and contributed their own suggestions. We vetoed them off once a day until we had only 5 blue notes left. We started writing up yellow notes that had full names on them, using one of the 5 favorites, and sometimes pulling in some crossed out names that might pair well with them.

Spoiler Alert: If you don't want to know, don't click any further!

I was trying to load-balance some packets...


I was trying to load balance some syslog packets. I got socket buffer overflows with incoming syslog packets on a log receiver (running Logstash, yay!) and so many packets would come in with so much burstiness that some were inevitably getting dropped. What to do...


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