Happy Holidays 2016


We hope everyone has a happy holidays!

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Lots of Updates and Photos


This is going to be a big picture/link dump since I just finished processing and uploading a lot of pictures...

Visiting Nana for lunch with Greg, Cathyn, Caroline, Paul, and Anita - We had a blast watching Aeryn and Caroline together again (despite the developing toy jealousy). It was so cool and seeing Caroline’s infinite facial expressions and walking demonstration.

Aeryn's Here!


Hey everyone,
Aeryn Inara Schelly joined us on 3/2/2015 and we're glad to finally meet her. She came out at 8lbs, 7ozs and 20" long. We've got pictures up from the first 6 days! Here's some album links, followed by some highlights.

The New Kid Has a Name!


We brainstormed, and put up sticky notes with name ideas on the wall. Friends came over and contributed their own suggestions. We vetoed them off once a day until we had only 5 blue notes left. We started writing up yellow notes that had full names on them, using one of the 5 favorites, and sometimes pulling in some crossed out names that might pair well with them.

Spoiler Alert: If you don't want to know, don't click any further!


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