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My Thoughts, No Prayers


The division among people is getting to me. The latest activism surge about the school shooting in Florida has reignited the debates about guns in this country, and I find myself again at a loss for how to contribute productively to the conversation.

A Conservative's Stance on Net Neutrality


I’ve wanted to write a conservative’s view on Net Neutrality from the perspective of someone who is familiar with the technology involved enough to describe in layman’s terms what it will mean, and why conservatives should oppose the upcoming expected repeal of the consumer protections offered by Net Neutrality.

Merrimack's New Homework Policy


Merrimack has instituted what is essentially an optional homework policy, town-wide. Students will get homework, but it won’t be graded. They can do it if they need the practice to better understand the material. They can get help with it from teachers. They just don’t need to do it if the material is already comfortable for them. They can use that time instead to focus on other subjects they are less comfortable with, develop hobbies, spend time with friends, learn things outside of school, whatever. I’m thrilled with this decision.

Lots of Updates and Photos


This is going to be a big picture/link dump since I just finished processing and uploading a lot of pictures...

Visiting Nana for lunch with Greg, Cathyn, Caroline, Paul, and Anita - We had a blast watching Aeryn and Caroline together again (despite the developing toy jealousy). It was so cool and seeing Caroline’s infinite facial expressions and walking demonstration.


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