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I won!


This past weekend was the Northeast Divisional Solo Championships, in Romulus, NY. I won my class, making me the Northeast Division F Street Prepared Champion. WooHoo!!! Here's some pictures of Chris and I running at the event.

Newburyport Riverfront Music Festival 2008


Jen and I met Greg/Sheila/Max/Gabe in their town for the Newburyport Riverfront Music Festival 2008. We were particularly excited to see Matt Nathanson and he didn't disappoint. It was a beautiful day and I practiced a bit of my people-watching and people-shooting skills with lots of camera shots.

Adam and Julie Got Married

I'm happy to say that they are away on their honeymoon and can finally put all the wedding planning stresses behind them. Everyone had a blast! I took a lot of pictures at their wedding that can be seen here: There's even a few pictures of Jen in a dress in there. Those extremely rare pictures will be worth something someday (like blackmail).

SpamAssassin at Work


I've recently deployed a new spam filter at work and I'm rather proud of the results after the first few weeks. This blog post ought to be useful to at least someone who gets here by way of a Google search at some point I hope.

The new server is setup as my company's MX and relays mail inside the network as appropriate, but obviously only after it's been accepted. One key part of the design is to check all mail for a valid destination, viruses, and spam likelihood before it's ever accepted for delivery.


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